Rare amber warning issued as heavy snow threatens to ‘cut off towns’ in -12C blast

The Met Office has issued a rare amber weather warning for heavy snow that is poised to cause disruption in some parts of the UK. Forecasters caution that the extreme weather may lead to certain communities being completely ‘cut off,’ with temperatures dropping as low as -12C on Saturday night.

Multiple weather alerts are active across the country, including a yellow warning for snow and ice affecting Birmingham, Nottingham, Manchester, Sheffield, Leeds, and Hull.

A more severe amber warning for snow in the northwest covers parts of Cumbria, such as Workington, Whitehaven, and the western Lake District. This warning will be in place until midnight.

The Met Office stated, ‘There is a good chance that some rural communities could become cut off.’ Additionally, it noted that some vehicles and passengers could be stranded on roads, power cuts are likely, and mobile phone coverage may be affected. A broader yellow alert for snow and ice in the northwest is also in effect until the end of Saturday, while a yellow warning for ice covers London, East Anglia, and areas south of the Midlands.

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