Desperate manhunt as 6 terror suspects ‘on a mission to target Government’ sneak into UK on small boats

An URGENT manhunt has been initiated after six terror suspects on a “mission to target the Government” entered the UK on small boats. Security sources stated that they all have links to Islamist groups and are believed to be backed by Iran.

The six suspected terrorists are understood to have illegally arrived in the UK from northern France weeks ago, after traveling across Europe from Syria. MI6 spies stationed near the Syrian capital Damascus reportedly uncovered an Iranian-backed plot against Britain before Hamas’s massacre in Israel last month. The cell’s mission is not believed to be linked to the ongoing war in Gaza.

An intelligence source told the Express: “The information indicates that these people are terrorists planning to attack government buildings in England, Scotland, and Wales. “Although they arrived without identification, we believe all are now in possession of false documents. “They plan to commit an act that embarrasses the Government.

“This could mean damaging a building or even a close-proximity cyber attack, though we do not anticipate this is a mass-casualty event.” Spooks are tracking the movements of three of the fugitives, but the other three have reportedly disappeared with the help of fake ID documents.

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