The Masked Singer’s Bigfoot ‘gives away identity’ just hours before ITV final

There are mere hours remaining until the big reveal. But fans of The Masked Singer are convinced they’ve already pinpointed one of the major finalists – Bigfoot. The furry character has supposedly ‘let slip’ his true identity – Alex Brooker – who fans are convinced lurks beneath the costume – broke his silence on the speculation.

Bigfoot typically croons a tune with his leg ensconced in a cast, which fans interpret as his biggest clue, viewing it as a reference to Alex’s TV show, The Last Leg. Recently, Alex, 39, joined the rugby team Leeds Rhinos Foundation PDRL, which fans also see as an obvious hint, as he made a rhino reference in his recent clues. However, the most recent clue was noticed during Friday night’s episode of his Channel 4 show.

Discussing being at the centre of the speculation ahead of the grand final, Alex remarked he wouldn’t go out in something so ludicrous. Alex teased viewers: ‘It can’t be [me]. I wouldn’t go on the tele dressed as something ridiculous. I know you’ve been talking about this I just have to say this straight off. Look at me now, I am sweating. I am sweating in here tonight.’ But his co-host Josh Widdicombe, who previously hinted that he suspects Alex is Bigfoot on his podcast Parenting Hell, joked: ‘Because you’re lying.’

Alex retorted: ‘Do you really think that I would be able to go in a costume, a massive hairy costume? They’d open it up, there’d be nothing left. It’d be like the end of the Snowman.’ A clip of Bigfoot was then shown on the show, and Alex commented: ‘All I’m saying, how can you watch that and think it’s me? It’s clearly one of the Backstreet Boys.’

Josh added: ‘I like Bigfoot because it references you. Flamingo that was the other option. First week Brooker was on as Bigfoot, and we’re all clear it is Brooker that’s Bigfoot, even though he’s lying to us.’ And unfortunately for Alex, fans seemed to agree with Josh as they took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to share their theories.

One person wrote: ‘AlexBrooker just gave the game away that he’s #Bigfoot on #MaskedSingerUK while on #TheLastLeg.’ ‘Alex is being very quiet on @TheLastLeg and has a poker face so he must be Bigfoot on @MaskedSingerUK #MaskedSingerUK #AlexBrooker keep an eye on his face every time big foot or the masked singer is mentioned.’ ‘They’re trying to tease it out of #AlexBrooker about #MaskedSingerUK; aren’t they?’

From the beginning of this year’s series, 12 celebrities donned disguises in the hope their identity would remain concealed during their memorable performances. But throughout the course of the ITV show, nine stars were unmasked, leaving three contestants in tonight’s final at 7.20pm.

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