Woman spent £13k on surgery unable to eat properly due to ‘biggest lips in Europe’

A model who splashed out £13,000 on the “biggest lips in Europe” reveals she now faces difficulties when eating and drinking.

Vienna Wuerstel, hailing from Vienna, Austria, asserts that she has undergone more than 30 millilitres of fillers, resulting in a trout pout. Vienna has also opted for forehead and cheek treatments, in addition to multiple surgeries for bust and bottom enlargement. Despite her enlarged lips causing impediments to eating and drinking, the model insists she has no plans to halt the surgeries.

Vienna stated, “I can’t wait to get even bigger lips. I want to have the biggest lips in Europe. I’m super excited and really happy about my big lips. I always wanted them that way.”

Her cosmetic procedures have made her a target for online critics who have disparaged her appearance, with some making distasteful comparisons. Unfazed by the comments, Vienna, self-dubbed “plastic-fantastic,” expresses pride in her looks and encourages others not to hesitate in taking action to feel confident about their own appearances.

Vienna currently shares a flat in Mallorca, Spain, with her girlfriend Jessica, dubbed “the woman with the biggest boobs in Austria.” Jessica has spent over £43,000 on plastic surgeries to transform into a real-life Barbie and has a scheduled treatment this month to further increase her implants.

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