Lawyer Olga Freeman, 40, said she was the “Messiah” and she needed to “sacrifice” Dylan before he was found dead at home in Acton, West London.

The youngster, who needed round-the-clock care, was discovered in the master bedroom covered by a duvet with parts of a sponge in his throat. Toys had been placed beside him.

Freeman – today called a “remarkably loving” mum who became “overwhelmed” during the pandemic – had spoken of saving the world in the days leading up to the horror.

In a recording made secretly by a concerned pal, she said: “This is my job: to sacrifice my beloved child to create a balance in this world.”

The defendant handed herself into police after her son’s death.

She was initially charged with murder, but prosecutors accepted a plea to a lesser charge of manslaughter during a hearing last month.

A court today heard Freeman had gone to Ealing council for help after reaching her “wits’ end” during the lockdown.

It was heard that Dylan’s behaviour had become “challenging” after he was unable to attend his special school during the national shutdown. Respite care for the family was also cancelled.

Despite pleading for help, Freeman wasn’t given further support, it was heard.

Dylan’s father, the celebrity photographer Dean Freeman, was in Spain at the time of his death.

And a judge said the boy “was an indirect victim of interruption to normal life caused by the Covid-19 pandemic” during an emotional sentencing hearing.

Psychiatrist Dr Martin Lock said Freeman was suffering from depression and anxiety – a situation made “several times worse because of the Covid-19 lockdown and the closure of Dylan’s school”.

She then “developed psychotic symptoms when under very heavy stress because of the Covid-19 lockdown,” he added in a report on the defendant.

Gareth Patterson QC, prosecuting today, said: “The evidence shows that this is a truly tragic case.”

He told the court Freeman had asked for more support on “several occasions” from March last year.

“She expressed concern about Dylan’s care in the event that she became ill and unable to care for him,” he said.

“From July 6 onwards, consideration was being given by the council to the requested increase in funding.

“However, between then and the death over a month later on August 15, no decision appears to have been made, despite the requests on different occasions from three doctors.”

Just over a month before Dylan’s death, Freeman said she was under “significant pressure”, was “feeling forgotten” and was “so stressed she wasn’t functioning mentally”, the court heard.

But no decision was made by the authority.

Dylan was the delight of my life. I miss my son.Dad Dean Freeman

After the killing, Freeman handed herself into Acton police station, telling cops she had given her son some pills before pushing the sponge into his mouth.

The Old Bailey previously heard Dylan suffered from autism and Cohen Syndrome, a genetic disorder characterised by developmental delay.

A post-mortem examination gave the cause of his death as restriction of the airways.

He was suffocated sometime between August 14 and August 17 last year.

The lad’s father – who has snapped a string of stars such as Bradley Cooper and Emily Ratajkowski – today paid tribute to his son.

In a statement read aloud to the court, Mr Freeman said: “The impact of losing a child is devastating and hurtful.

“My son was sweet, artistic and very loving. 

“Dylan was the delight of my life. I miss my son.

“He was a gentle and happy and sweet boy. He loved travel and all he saw. 

“I miss him more than words can say.”

Sentencing the defendant to a hospital order, Mrs Justice Cheema-Grubb told her: “It is clear that you did what you did while in the grip of a very serious mental illness, and you remain gravely ill.”

The judge said she believes Freeman was a “remarkably loving and dedicated mother to a vulnerable child” until she was “overwhelmed” – and called the case “rare and desperately sad”.

“The burden of caring for a severely disabled boy was one you took on, as mothers do, out of love and duty; those impenetrable ties. I can see that and I can see how you discharged it faithfully for years,” she said.

“I do not lose sight of the fact that you too have lost your son.” 

Dylan’s grandad Robert was also a photographer and shot a number of iconic Beatles’ albums including including A Hard Day’s Night and Rubber Soul.

Detective Chief Inspector Simon Harding, lead investigator, thanked those involved in investigating the “incredibly sad” incident.

He added: “I would also like to acknowledge the selfless actions of my response colleagues who attended the scene on that night and tried in vain to save Dylan’s life.”

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