Vile Aussie TV host makes sick sex joke about the Queen

A VILE Australian TV host shocked viewers when he made a sick sex joke about the Queen live on air.

Karl Stefanovic suggested the 95-year-old monarch might use her new walking stick as a weapon to “beat up” his colleague – before jumping on him because she’s “single”.

Her Majesty was pictured with the canewhile attending a service to honour the Royal British Legion in London yesterday.

Insiders say the walking aid was purely “for comfort” and not for any specific medical reason.

While reporting yesterday’s headlines, Nine Network newsreader Alex Cullen described how the Queen was using it at the Westminster Abbey ceremony.

In front of footage from the service, he told viewers of the Today breakfast show: “She was using a cane. She’s 95.”

But Stefanovic butted in to quip: “She’d use it to beat you up.”

His co-presenter Allison Langdon chipped in: “She’d win too.”

Grinning, Cullen replied: “She would win. I’d let her win” before Stefanovic said: “Let her win – she’d smash you, bro.”

But the joke didn’t stop there, as Alex continued: “She would smash me – and then jump on me.”

Stefanovic then shockingly added: “Oh, I suppose she is single.”

The Queen’s husband of 73 years, Prince Philip, died in April aged 99.