TV star’s son rushed to hospital in ‘crazy’ medical moment

HOLLYOAKS actress Lucy Jo Hudson has disclosed that her son was urgently taken to the hospital in a “crazy” medical incident.

The soap star and mother-of-two, 40, shared a series of pictures featuring her and her three-year-old son Carter on her Instagram page. However, Lucy Jo concluded the montage with an image capturing the toddler on a hospital bed.

In her extensive caption, she wrote: “Honest mum post! This was me and Carter on Saturday… Swipe to see what happened within a few hours.”

The Hollyoaks and Corrie star then added: “How do they go from being absolutely normal to then being in A&E? He’s 100 per cent better now, I really thought he had a water infection god love him, but it turned out it was another infection (down below) bless him! Thank god he’s back to his normal self now, well as normal as my threenager is. “But how crazy is life, you go from one extreme to another being a mum, don’t you? He was on stage doing his Christmas show, the next… we’re in A&E!!! Please share your experience with me so I know I’m not on my own.”

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