Trans woman found guilty of raping two women

A transgender woman has today been convicted of raping two vulnerable mothers while living as a man and has been remanded in an all-female jail for up to a month before being sentenced.

Isla Bryson was a shaven-headed Adam Graham who had a Mike Tyson-style face tattoo when she carried out the violent sex attacks in 2016 and 2019 after abusing the victims she originally met online.

The 31 year-old – who claimed to have had gender issues since the age of four but began transitioning from a man to a woman in 2020 – had denied the accusations. She told jurors any sex was consensual although insisted she did not like sleeping with women and they made the ‘first move’.

The first victim recalled repeatedly stating ‘no’ as her ‘muscular’ attacker raped her when the then man got into bed beside her in 2016. The second woman was raped at a flat when they were planning to watch the film Mean Girls in 2019.

She had first appeared in the dock in July 2019 as Adam Graham. In high court papers dated 2020, the rapist was then referred to as Annie Bryson. By the start of her six-day trial she was known as Isla Bryson. 

Today was found guilty of the two rape charges at the High Court in Glasgow. She denied the charges, saying in evidence she ‘would never hurt another human being’.

She had been on bail, but was today remanded in custody by judge Lord Scott until sentencing on February 28 in Stirling. It is understood Bryson will initially be remanded in a specialist unit at the all-female Cornton Vale prison.

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