Tragedy as woman slips and falls 100ft to her death moments after getting engaged

A recently engaged woman tragically fell to her death from a 100ft cliff shortly after her partner proposed to her.

Yesim Demir, 39, and her soon-to-be husband, Nizamettin Gursu, were visiting a picturesque cliffside spot in northwestern Turkey on July 6 to witness the sunset after their recent engagement.

Upon arriving at the scenic location, Gursu went back to the car to fetch a picnic and some celebratory drinks. During this time, he heard a horrifying scream and hurried back to find Yesim had tumbled off the cliff’s edge, falling approximately 104 ft.

Gursu immediately called for help, but despite 45 minutes of resuscitation efforts, medics declared his fiancee deceased.

Friends of the tragic woman shared with local media that the cliff, situated in Polente Cape, Canakkale, was a popular spot where many people came to admire the stunning views. They expressed concerns about the lack of safety precautions, saying, “This is a place where everyone comes and watches the sunset. However, the roads are very bad and there is no precaution on the edge of the cliff. A fence should be drawn here, precautions should be taken.”

Gursu explained to local media, “We chose it to have a romantic memory after the proposal. We drank some alcohol. Everything happened at once. She lost her balance and fell down.”

According to reports, the authorities promptly closed off the area and launched an investigation. Access to the cliff will only be allowed again “in a controlled manner” on July 15.

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