Tourist left stunned after being charged £510 for two drinks and snacks at Greek restaurant

A TOURIST was left stunned after being charged nearly €600 (£510) while on holiday in Greece for just two drinks and snacks.

The woman, who was on holiday with her 19-year-old daughter, was stunned by the price while they ate at a restaurant on the island of Mykonos.

The pair had ordered two cocktails and a portion of crab legs, which sitting in some deck chairs for a few hours.

She said, when complaining to her travel agent: “We spent a beautiful day at the beach but please, warn your future customers that the restaurant-bar we visited, charged us €600 for two cocktails and a portion of crab legs.

“While we knew that the bill would not exceed €200, suddenly they asked us to pay €600!”

The receipt showed the pair being charged €520, with a €78 tip.

She said that they refused to pay, only for men at the restaurant to block them from leaving.

She added that the only “additional thing” was they had used some deckchairs for three hours – but didn’t see how they could have cost them that much.

The mum also said she was going to file a police report after being told by locals it happened all the time.

It’s sadly not the first time tourists have been caught out while on holiday.

In 2019, a tourist in Greece was left fuming after being charged €591 (£503) for just six pieces of calamari at a restaurant in Mykonos.

That same year, a group of British tourists were charged €82 (£70) for just eight soft drinks after visiting a restaurant in Rhodes.