Tonight’s EuroMillions jackpot is biggest ever and has reached nearly £200 MILLION

The UK’s biggest ever lottery prize is up for grabs tonight after the Euromillions jackpot reached an estimated £184 million.

There was no winner following Friday’s £174 million game, meaning the huge jackpot rolled over into Tuesday’s draw.

One single UK winner would push the current British record holder, an anonymous ticketholder who scooped £170 million in October 2019, into second place.

With £184 million, they could count themselves richer than the singer Adele, whose net worth is £130 million, according to The Sunday Times Rich List.

They could also purchase a house in each of the top 10 priciest streets in the UK, including in London’s Kensington Palace hi Gardens, where the average house price is nearly £30 million.

Andy Carter, senior winners’ adviser at The National Lottery,said of the prize: ‘Specifically for large amounts of money, £184 million, it’s not just about making a difference to you or your family.

‘If you want to, it can make a difference for generations and generations to come.’