Tensions reach boiling point as Naughty Boy and tearful Frankie Bridge row over rice

He’s only been in Main Camp for one day but he already has plenty to say about how his new campmates cook.

And tensions reached boiling point on Thursday’s episode of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! as Naughty Boy and Frankie Bridge began arguing over rice.

The 36-year-old DJ confided to Danny Miller: ‘That was difficult for me to eat. It’s not supposed to be rice pudding, it’s supposed to be rice that goes with beans.’

Although Naughty Boy admitted ‘maybe this isn’t the place to be passionate about cooking’ he still detailed his concerns over the meal in The Telegraph. 

The musician fretted: ‘I don’t want to be the one who says it, I’m just being real, it’s not rice.’

‘If we’re having rice and beans, people would prefer to have rice and beans, not rice pudding and beans. I don’t know if I’m going crazy or overthinking.’ 

Not taking the criticism well, Frankie hit back: ‘You’re just coming into our camp and this was just what we did…’

Naught Boy corrected her, clarifying: ‘No, this is our camp. That’s wrong what you just said.’ 

The altercation baffled Frankie who wondered aloud: ‘How have I ended up in a discussion over something that’s…’ before Naughty Boy cut her off with: ‘It’s not your camp.’

Attempting to resolve the situation, Frankie said: ‘Don’t be like that,’ to which Naughty Boy shot back: ‘Don’t say things like you came to our camp.’

The Saturdays singer then walked away from the conversation altogether. 

Meanwhile, Naughty Boy continued on saying: ‘Frankie said something where it just implied we just joined their camp.’ 

Outside the Main Camp area, Frankie said to Kadeena Cox: ‘Why can no one talk about rice in here?! I can’t deal with it.

‘I’d rather not have rice at this point. I just hate any confrontation. Now I’m like, “Oh my god, did I say something bad?” Now I’ve offended him… 

‘Why am I talking about rice?! I’m someone who avoids confrontation at all costs. I just hate it. I don’t understand what the issue is.’