Stars lead tributes as Coronation Street ‘legend’ dies

Renowned Coronation Street writer John Stevenson has passed away at the age of 86. Stevenson was beloved by both the cast and crew of Coronation Street, having contributed to a staggering 447 episodes during his tenure.

One of his most notable achievements was the creation of the two-hander episode featuring characters Raquel and Curly Watts, which aired in 2006.

Daran Little, a fellow writer, expressed his deep sorrow upon hearing of John’s passing. Little shared, “Just heard that John Stevenson has died. Totally devastated by this. Tony Warren aside, John was the greatest writer to ever work on Coronation Street.”

He continued, “The creator of Mike Baldwin, Alec Gilroy, Jack Duckworth, Fred Elliott, Ashley Peacock, and so many others. Taught me so much. John asked me to write his obit when it was his time but I can’t find any of the notes he sent because I’ve moved house! Oh John, my dear friend, dad figure… once voted the Scriptwriters Scriptwriter by his peers.

The best of the best. A true comic icon.”

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