Sports Legend Shares Heartbreak After Unborn Baby Dies Leaving Him & Wife Devastated

EDDIE Hall has expressed his heartbreak following the tragic loss of his unborn baby daughter, leaving him and his wife, Alexandra, devastated. The World’s Strongest Man winner and his wife shared an emotional post on Instagram today, revealing the heartbreaking news. The couple, who have been married for 11 years, already have two children together.

In October, they joyfully announced the expectation of their third child with a charming snapshot of the family at a pumpkin patch. Unfortunately, just a few weeks later, Alexandra shared the heartbreaking update that they had lost their unborn baby girl.

In a poignant post, she stated, “Unfortunately, we have lost our unborn baby girl. Personally, we don’t want to talk right now, share too much, and don’t want to pick it apart. There is no right way to deal with these things, only the way you choose to.”

“Our hearts are exhausted, and talking isn’t going to change anything or bring her back. We hope that enough people see this to prevent us having to have this painful conversation in person.” “Right now, we are taking some time alone to recover. Thank you for understanding.”

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