Social Media influencer, 29, dies following liposuction complications

Luana Andrade, an Instagram influencer from Brazil, tragically passed away during a liposuction procedure in São Paulo on Wednesday.

The 29-year-old, whose last post saw her smiling in her favourite gym, went into cardiac arrest during the surgery.

She was transferred to the intensive care unit for treatment but died soon afterwards from a pulmonary embolism. Her boyfriend of two years, João Hadad, who is also an influencer, posted the news on Instagram, where he described himself as “destroyed.”

Sharing a black-and-white image of himself and Luana strolling through Paris, beaming at each other, he penned: “I’m torn and living my worst nightmare. A piece of me is gone. It is with great regret and a lot of pain in my heart that I say goodbye to my Luana, my princess, my beautiful…”

He went on: “It’s been two years by your side, and I have no words to express how happy I was… We make a beautiful story and live our dreams intensely. You were more than a girlfriend and will always be a partner for life, my love.

“Today, it is difficult to understand God’s plans, and I do not know when and if I will ever process the absence you will make in my life and in the lives of a legion of people who loved your presence.

“You are my sunshine princess, I ask that you continue to watch over me and all of us from above. I will love you always and forever! Thanks for so much; you will follow me even after the end. I love you, I love you, I love you…”

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