Schoolboy, 16, driving BMW on M1 caused horror motorway crash with lorry

An underage driver ran a lorry off the road, leaving its driver stuck in the twisted wreckage.

Cristian Pompa had been weaving in and out of traffic in a red BMW on the M1 near junction 22 on Thursday March 5 last year.

The 16-year-old struck a car from behind, sending the vehicle and the woman inside crashing into the central reservation, reports Leicester Mercury.

The smash wrote off her vehicle and caused her soft tissue injuries which required physiotherapy treatment.

The boy’s car then crashed into the front offside of a Volvo heavy goods vehicle.

David Earl, prosecuting, said: “The impact wrenched the steering wheel from the lorry driver’s hands as the steering jammed.

“The vehicle left the carriageway, went down a bank and tipped onto its side.”

The driver was trapped in his cab and had to be cut out by the fire service.

The HGV was damaged beyond repair..

The prosecutor said: “The lorry driver’s injuries included three fractures to his spine, a broken right scapula and soft tissue damage to his shoulder and back.”

Pompa was sentenced to 16 months detention.

He was banned from driving for two years and eight months.