RAF instructor, 32, films her own death in freak accident

A British RAF instructor captured her own demise when her parachute malfunctioned at an altitude of 12,000ft.

Sergeant Rachel Fisk, aged 32, documented her final moments using a GoPro camera attached to her helmet, subsequent to leaping from an aircraft situated above RAF Weston-on-the-Green.

Allegedly, her parachute failed to deploy.

According to a coroner’s report, the seasoned parachutist was discovered unconscious on the ground at Simms Farm in Chesterton, Oxfordshire.

The instructor was recording a series of tandem jumps, a procedure in which an inexperienced individual is harnessed to a skilled parachutist.

Rachel was part of a team engaged in an exercise alongside catering personnel from RAF Marham, located in Norfolk.

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