Queen urged to not accept Meghan Markle’s forgiveness

As the monarchy reels from the death of Prince Philip, it has been made apparent that Meghan Markle is “willing to forgive and move forward”.

However, royal fans think otherwise as a poll by Express.co.uk, asking whether the royal family should put their differences aside, has seen demands that the Duchess of Sussex ask forgiveness for her explosive tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey. 

Around 94% (5261) users believed that the royal family should continue having their differences divide them while 5% (284) are of the opinion that the royal family should move on. 

Furthermore, fans were outraged at Meghan’s offer to forgive the royal family and insisted the the opposite should happen. 

One person said: “Megan Markle should apologise to the Queen and it is up to our Queen if she wants to accept her apology – not the other way round.”

A second person shot down the duchess’ olive branch, saying “how big of her”.

The reader wrote: “They’re really not getting the offers they assumed they were going to get.”

The reader said: “The Royal Family should tell her that it’s very ‘generous’ of her to offer them her ‘forgiveness’ but she should offer it instead to her own family especially her father.”

They added: “It’s very telling that she is only offering to forgive her powerful, wealthy and famous in-laws who are the reason she is relevant in Hollywood but not her family including the father she portrayed as a loving and supportive father in her old blog.”