Police find children in boot of car as family of 7 stopped on motorway

Two teenagers were discovered in the boot of a car after a family of seven were pulled over by police on a motorway.

The authorities stated that they halted the Volkswagen Arteon after concerned passers-by alerted them about “two children in the boot” of a car on the M6.

The two teenagers, aged 13 and 16, were found seated upright inside the boot, which had been cushioned with blankets and jackets and equipped with an air freshener.

The car, designed to accommodate five adults, had five other passengers on board at the time of the incident.

Officers mentioned that the family was on their way to a holiday destination, and the driver has now been reported for “transporting two passengers without seatbelts and using a vehicle for an unsuitable purpose.” The car was taken off the carriageway at junction 20 for Lymm Interchange.

The North West Motorway Police issued the following statement: “A VW Arteon was stopped following a report of seven people on board, with two children in the boot. The vehicle was sighted on the M6 and taken off at Junction 20. The driver has been reported for three offences, including carrying two passengers with no seatbelts and using a vehicle for an unsuitable purpose. The family was going on holiday.”

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