PICTURED: Horror for passengers as two planes collide at major international airport

An incident involving two Qantas passenger planes colliding at Perth airport overnight has prompted an investigation by the national carrier. The incident reportedly took place around 9 pm on Sunday and involved two Boeing 737-800 aircraft.

According to reports, a flight from Canberra was manoeuvring towards the gate at a low speed when its wingtip made contact with that of a stationary aircraft parked at an adjacent gate.

In a statement, Qantas mentioned that customers and crew onboard the stationary plane arriving from Brisbane “felt a jolt when the wingtips made contact.” “After assessing the situation, the captain advised customers to continue to disembark as usual,” the spokesperson stated.

“Engineers are currently inspecting both aircraft, and an investigation is underway.” Fortunately, no injuries were reported by customers or crew from either aircraft.

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