Philpott fire child killer Paul Mosley FREED from prison just 11 years after 6 kids died

A child killer who played a part in the malevolent Mick Philpott’s house fire plot, resulting in the death of six children, has been released from prison.

Paul Mosley assisted the sick and twisted Mick and Mairead Philpott in setting their home in Allenton, Derby, ablaze in 2012 in a despicable attempt to frame Philpott’s ex. The arson attack led to the tragic deaths of their children Duwayne, 13, Jade, 10, John, nine, Jack, seven, Jesse, six, and Jayden, five.

Mosley and the Philpotts were all convicted of manslaughter the following year after a trial. Mosley and Mairead received a 17-year sentence from Mrs Justice Kate Thirlwall KC. Meanwhile, Mick Philpott was given a life sentence for the deaths of his children.

A statement by the Parole Board this week stated that Mosley’s continued incarceration was no longer considered necessary “for the protection of the public.” According to the conditions of the 56-year-old’s prison release, he must adhere to strict terms, including disclosing any “developing relationships” and maintaining “an exclusion zone to avoid contact with victims and children in general.”

The Derby house fire garnered international attention at the time, with Mick and Mairead famously appearing at a press conference where they seemed to be feigning tears over their children’s deaths. It later emerged that the blaze had been a plot to frame Philpott’s ex-partner in an attempt to regain custody of his children, as reported by Derbyshire Live.

Mairead Philpott was released on licence and given a new identity in 2020 after serving her 17-year sentence, causing public outrage. Meanwhile, Mosley was initially set to be released in May 2021 but was subsequently recalled following “concerns” about his behavior. At the time, he maintained his innocence, stating to a local newspaper that he was “set up by Derbyshire Police and witnesses.”

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