Parents furious after headteacher introduces ‘modesty shorts’ for girls as young as four

PARENTS of young girls have accused schools of body-shaming after the introduction of ‘modesty shorts’ to some uniform policies.

The cover-up precautions are intended to protect girls as young as four who may bare all mid-cartwheel.

The Dell Primary School in Chepstow, Monmouthshire suggested the shorts in a text to parents in May.

Head teacher Steve King said in an email posted on Facebook: “While we do not want to give children messages that they are responsible for the actions of others, we cannot stand by while children’s actions may attract inappropriate attention from members of the public.”

One parent said: “It is shocking that girls as young as four are being asked to cover up.

“It suggests their pants and what they wear are a problem.”

Clothing brand Next sells modesty shorts for girls as young as two.

And Gap has branded them as cartwheel shorts to layer under dresses.

But National Police Chiefs Council child protection lead Simon Bailey said: “If a school wants children to wear modesty shorts so that they feel confident, I am supportive.

“My view is that anything that can be done to ensure young girls feel more secure has got to be good news, even modesty shorts, but the culture in schools has got to change at the same time.”