Onlookers shocked as British man dies in horror accident in Portugal

A British man has passed away following a paragliding accident in Portugal.

Emergency services were alerted at approximately 9pm on Tuesday evening after an eyewitness observed the paraglider colliding with the ground near a picturesque location to the north of Lisbon.

Medical experts provided assistance, but the individual tragically lost their life at the scene.

The identity of the man remains unknown, and it is unclear whether he resided in Portugal or was visiting on vacation.

The incident took place in Vale Bom, situated within the municipality of Cadaval, an area renowned for its challenging accessibility. The unfortunate individual had already experienced cardiac arrest when found on the ground.

Vale Bom is located in close proximity to the Montejunto Mountains, approximately an hour’s drive north of Lisbon.

An ongoing investigation is being conducted to determine the cause of the accident.

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