Naked Attraction’s ‘cougar’ performs sex act stunning viewers

Naked Attraction’s Leanne came all the way from Down Under to find the man of her dreams – and show Channel 4 viewers her oral sex tips.

Leanne, 54, who was recently divorced when she appeared on the show, certainly had viewers gobsmacked as she displayed her no-holds-barred attitude on the show.

As a retired dentist, Leanne said that oral was incredibly important to her – but she wasn’t talking about the care and hygiene of teeth.

The self-confessed cougar then proceeded to give some oral sex tips, before deciding to perform a sex act on a banana while host Anna Richardson was in pure shock.

The X-rated scenes saw Leanne put a banana in her mouth as she spilled on her skills.

Aside from her own skills, she confessed that she loves to use some food in the bedroom, particularly the likes of ice creams, including Magnums, so two men put their skills to the test and put cream and strawberries on their penis. 

Ultimately, Leanne whittled it down to one man, opting for tattooed Lee, who she will be heading on a date with. 

When she chose him, Leanne said: “He was able to get his personality across a lot and I liked that.”

Lee said: “I reckon we’ll have a good time, she’s chirpy, bubbly, I’ll get some ice pops in the fridge.”

Leanne joked: “Who knows, if the date goes well with Lee we might get a couple of Magnums and enjoy them together…”