Mum drags bully son to girl’s house to apologise for his vile texts

A single mum horrified by the vile texts her son was sending a girl at school made him give a grovelling apology in front of her parents.

Samm Jane, 32, was ‘fuming’ after teachers called and said her 12-year-old boy had been sending cruel messages to a fellow pupil.

The moment her son got home, she ordered him to unlock his phone and hand it over. She was mortified to discover he’d called the girl ‘fat’, ‘ugly’ a ‘ct’, tt’, and a b***h’.

He also told her: ‘I never want to see your ugly face in school. Your ugly face and fat body offend me.’

When the girl replied, saying ‘Stop being horrible to me’, he sent voice notes back and said: ‘Urgh, you’re disgusting’.

Recalling how she was ‘shaking with anger’ after seeing the messages, Samm said: ‘I was like “What are you playing at?”.’

All her son had to say was ‘She does my head in at school’, to which Samm said: ‘I don’t give a f**k.’

‘I told him “She’s going to be looking in the mirror now and feeling so insecure”. I couldn’t let it go,’ added Samm, from Nuneaton, Warwickshire.

The school wouldn’t give the girl’s name due to data protection rules, but Samm got on the phone, did some detective work and found out where she lived.

She then made her son spend £10 out of the £100 he’d been given for his birthday on flowers and chocolates to make amends.

The full-time carer marched her son to the girl’s front door and forced him to apologise to the girl and her parents. They later commended Samm for being a ‘decent parent’ and doing the right thing by coming to apologise.

The mum-of-five, has chosen to change her son’s name to ‘Dave’ for the purposes of this article. After all, he is only 12, and his mum has insisted that he will learn his lesson from the incident.

Samm confiscated all of Dave’s electronic devices for a week in the aftermath, and says he was so desperate to get his phone back he even tried offering her money.

She shared her story on TikTok on June 8, one day after receiving that call from the school, and has since fetched over one million views.

Dave turned 12 on June 9, but something tells us he didn’t have the funnest of birthdays after facing his mum’s wrath.

Samm said she made her son explain exactly what he was sorry for after marching him to the victim’s house. The girl hadn’t told her parents she was being bullied.

Her dad told Dave: ‘I’m not going to lie mate, if you were a grown ass man and you said that to my daughter, I would have kicked your head in.’

Samm says she made it clear Dave would ‘never speak to a female like that again’, and the girl’s mum texted her afterwards to say it was brave of her to go round.

‘Now I’m a single mum and raising a boy to be a man is quite difficult,’ Samm told her TikTok followers.

‘But if there’s one thing I’ve always said, it’s “You f**king respect these women, you don’t disrespect them”.’

‘So even though he’s eleven years old and a kid, nothing he can say to me will justify what he said to this girl. Ever.

Thousands of people have since commented and applauded Samm’s ‘proper old school parenting’. One viewer commented: ‘Yes queen. If my boys ever do anything like this, I will be doing exactly the same!! So proud of you.’

Another said: ‘As a teenage girl, you are a brilliant mum for that. Thank you for making him unlearn his ways. So many boys my age are so disrespectful.’

Since the apology, Samm has made sure her son understands the impact his words could have on others. She said: ‘I sat Dave down and explained how people kill themselves or self-harm because of what people say.’