Meghan Markle, Harry’s leave after daughter’s birth raises eyebrows

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle welcomed their second child Lilibet Diana on June 4.

The couple named their daughter after Queen Elizabeth and Harry’s late mother Princess Diana.

A report in UK’s Daily Express said the couple is set to take five months to leave following the birth.

Talking to the publication Royal expert Marlene Koenig said a five-month leave is “not the norm” for moms in the US.

“It’s sort of funny that their foundation has this sort of thing when it’s not the norm in the US because we have no national policy on paternity leave,” she told

“The federal government has for federal workers an X number of weeks of paid leave.”

“There is more of it but there’s no national policy. It’s interesting, five months? Most American mothers are like, ‘excuse me,” the royal expert was quoted as saying.