Man dies mid-flight in front of screaming passengers after ‘blood erupts from his mouth and nose’

A man has died in the middle of a Lufthansa flight from Thailand to Germany after coughing up ‘litres of blood’, it was reported. Passengers were left screaming in horror as they watched the 63-year-old collapse to his death.

It is understood that the traveller, who has not been named, boarded the plane ill before his condition deteriorated while in the air.

He died in front of his wife after getting on the flight to Munich just before 12am on Thursday.

‘It was absolute horror, everyone was screaming,’ Karin Missfelder, who was also on the plane, told Swiss-German outlet Blick.

She recalled that the man had got on with ‘cold sweats’ and was ‘breathing much too quickly’ before passengers rushed to help him, taking his pulse and offering him tea.

More to follow…

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