Man arrested after ‘homophobic’ attack in Birmingham’s Gay Village

A man has been arrested following a suspected homophobic attack when gay men were bottled in Birmingham, as police continue to look for two other suspects.

The 31-year-old handed himself in yesterday after police released the names of three people they were looking for in connection with an incident in the city’s Gay Village.

They said they were still searching for Sohail Khan (24) & Ishaaq Ayaz (21).

It comes after two men in their 30s, named as Rob and Patrick, were attacked after leaving the Missing Bar shortly after 4am on August 15. 

They were allegedly subjected to homophobic slurs from a passing car before being attacked with bottles and left in the street covered in blood, police said.

Patrick was knocked out during the attack, with Rob, who suffered deep cuts, telling the BBC the Gay Village ‘should be a safe area to be who you want’, adding that it was ‘shocking that this would happen in 2021’.

Sergeant Marc Petford said earlier: ‘We have already completed a number of arrest attempts for the men; I would encourage them to hand themselves in and speak to us. 

‘This was a shocking attack on two men enjoying a night-out in our city. 

‘It’s outrageous and we’re determined to bring to justice the people responsible.’ 

He added today: ‘We’ve had a good response to our appeal and I’m grateful for people sharing it far and wide. This was a brutal attack and we need to find the people responsible.

‘One man has been arrested following our appeal and I would encourage the other two to follow suit and also come and speak to us.’