London anti-lockdown protest on day lockdown ends turns violent as ‘bottles are thrown’ at police

An anti-lockdown protest in Central London on the day restrictions have officially ended has turned ugly with police officers being pelted with bottles.

The alarming development has come on what has been labelled ‘Freedom Day’ as England rolls back coronavirus guidance on Monday, July 19.

But despite the relaxation, hundreds of anti-lockdown protesters have descended on Westminster to protest against the restrictions.

In the disturbing video filmed in Parliament Square, a large crowd can be seen swarming a group of police officers and their parked van.

As the officers try and maintain the peace they are shoved and verbally abused before bottles are thrown.

It is at this point the officers retreat and the video ends.

Many people took to Twitter to point out how all restrictions in England have now ended.

One person tweeted: “Do they realise that today is literally freedom day?

“Are they okay?”

Another person said: “We’re not in a lockdown any more fellas.”