Liverpool banner of Mo Salah shows camels ‘having sex’ at Wembley in BBC blunder

Football fans have been left in stitches after the BBC accidentally cut to a banner of Mohamed Salah – with two camels appearing to have sex in the background.

It quickly became clear that behind the caricature of Salah were two camels appearing to romp sex next to a pyramid. BBC cameras quickly cut away and put the camera back on a stricken Salah, who was laid in the centre circle.

Salah had been forced off due to an injury inside the first half of the FA Cup final. But as Salah was being replaced by Jota, football fans couldn’t get enough of the banner that has been shown.

“Ayooo did anyone see that Salah banner with the camels behind,” one fan said in shock.

“Not sure the cameraman noticed the sing camels in the background of that Salah banner,” another added. While a third tweeted: “Someone had a banner of Salah in the desert but with camels f* each other in the background!”

A fourth joked: “Lol, TV focused on Salah caricature and didn’t notice the camels having sex in the background!”