Lee Rigby’s son raises five times his charity target in tribute to his dad

Lee Rigby’s son has exceeded his charity target in memory of his late father.

Jack was a toddler of two when his father passed away and embarked on a marathon walk throughout May in his father’s memory, with the aim of raising £1,000 for each year since his father’s murder. Jack’s efforts resonated so profoundly with people that he managed to collect over £50,000 in his father’s name. Reflecting on his remarkable achievement, Jack’s mother, Rebecca, expressed her immense pride in him.

She told the Mirror: “Jack was so thrilled to witness the total increase, and seeing how each donation brought a smile to his face meant the world to me. He and I read all the messages of support and were grateful for them all. We genuinely couldn’t believe how kind and generous people were being. We never anticipated that the fundraiser would perform as well as it did, and we are thankful to each and every person who contributed and sent messages.”

Each passing anniversary has been exceptionally challenging for Jack, who missed out on the opportunity to have his father by his side as he grew up. This year’s anniversary was particularly difficult, prompting him to establish the fundraiser to infuse some positivity into the occasion. “I feel proud undertaking the May Marathon in honour of my dad,” he remarked. “It also helps distract me from everything. Going on a long walk is a nice respite and reminds me that it’s not all bad.” His mother added: “Jack wanted to do something positive in memory of his dad. He wants to show that even though he’s grown up without Lee, he hasn’t forgotten his dad.”

All the funds he has raised thus far will be directed to Scotty’s, a charity that provides support to bereaved military children, which holds a special place in both their hearts. Jack commented: “It’s comforting to know that I’m not alone in my situation. And that there are people I can reach out to and talk to whenever I need them.”

Rebecca added: “For me, Scotty’s is about knowing that Jack hasn’t been forgotten. Some people seem to believe that because he was only two and a half when Lee was killed, it didn’t affect him, but Scotty’s understands that isn’t the case. It gives everyone the opportunity to connect with others in the same situation.”

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