Kerry Katona reveals the massive amount she’s earned from OnlyFans

Kerry Katona has disclosed her earnings on OnlyFans, following her success on the platform which helped her overcome her bankruptcy.

The 42-year-old former member of Atomic Kitten has faced several periods of financial hardship since gaining fame with her band in 1999. However, her astute business acumen has enabled her to rebuild her wealth each time she encountered obstacles.

Kerry asserts that she has earned over £1 million by sharing explicit photos and videos of herself on OnlyFans. When speaking to The Sun, she remarked, “Yes, I’ve made more than that. I can’t give an exact figure. I’m a billionaire!”

“I deserve recognition,” Kerry continued. “I have worked hard. I grew up in a foster home, attended eight different schools, bought clothes from car boot sales, worked as a lap-dancer, joined a girl band, became the face of Iceland, became a millionaire, went bankrupt, lost everything, became a millionaire again, went bankrupt again, and then became a millionaire once more. Who else can claim such a journey?”

Kerry has no intentions of discontinuing her practice of sharing revealing content on OnlyFans, asserting that she will continue as long as there is an audience for it.

“As long as people want it, I will continue with OnlyFans,” she stated.

“There’s a variety of content on the platform; it’s not just for young and attractive women. I will turn 43 in September, and it’s incredibly easy. I could sit here right now, reveal a breast, and make some money, or even take a picture of my feet. Why not?”

Apart from her OnlyFans page, Kerry has launched fashion brands called Marnie and M Fit. Her income from these businesses has afforded her the ability to make significant purchases, including a lime green Lamborghini worth £180,000.

Furthermore, she resides in a £3 million mansion situated in the affluent Cheshire suburb of Prestbury, alongside professional footballers. The property boasts a swimming pool and a home cinema.

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