Kate Middleton attacked after duchess and children have big family night out

Kate, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William have been attacked by vile trolls on Twitter after the royal couple attended a special pantomime in Central London with their children on Friday afternoon. Pictures and footage of Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis arriving on the red carpet with their parents has been mocked by critics on Twitter.

The Cambridge family were there to attend The National Lottery’s Pantoland at The Palladium which was put on to thank keyworkers for their help during the pandemic.

Reacting to the royal outing one troll wrote: “When all else fails, drag out the kids.”

Another put: “Roll out the kids to save yourselves. Every time. So predictable.”

A third wrote: “Sooo…they still don’t get it..they doubled down this time..by bringing the kids..okkkaay.”

One critic mocked the event claiming keyworkers would have preferred a pay rise.

They wrote: “I think the key workers would have preferred a pay raise or maybe a bonus for the holiday.”

Another slammed the family for not wearing face masks.

They tweeted: “Without masks!??!! eeh!?!”

Kate and Prince William did don masks to go inside the theater.

While the Cambridges faced some flack on social media for stepping out as a family during the pandemic their latest appearance also prompted an outpouring of support from fans.

Their Friday trip to the theatre delighted followers as it was the first time they had been seen out as a family in months.

One fan gushed:  “Wonderful surprise to see the whole family together and such a nice way to say thanks to the key workers for all their hard work. The children are beautiful.”

Another supporter wrote:  “Seriously this family just keep making me smile. They’re like a ray of light amongst all the darkness this year. Thank you so much. Have a wonderful Christmas.”