James Bulger’s grave targeted by vile thieves who steal cherished trinket

Vile thieves have targeted the grave of murdered toddler James Bulger.

The little boy’s heartbroken mum Denise Fergus revealed a sleeping stone cherub has vanished from her son’s resting place.

Her husband Stuart made the sickening discovery when he went to tend the grave.

Writing on Instagram, Denise said: “So this morning Stuart went and cleaned James’ resting place and put down some new flowers. He has come back and told me that this sleeping statue has been taken. 

“It’s made of concrete and has a bit of weight to it so it hasn’t blown off anywhere.”

Posting a photo of the missing statue, she said: “This is the only picture we can find, it’s a lot cleaner than this now. So please keep your eyes open.”

And she added: “How low do some people have to be to actually take from a baby’s grave.”

Two year old James was murdered by Jon Venables and Robert Thompson, both aged 10, in Liverpool in 1993.