James Bulger’s evil killer could face life in prison under new law

JAMES Bulger’s murderer Jon Venables may face life imprisonment under an upcoming new law, according to today’s revelations. Legislation expected to be approved early next year would grant the Secretary of State the final authority on whether Venables is released.

Sources believe Venables would remain incarcerated as the Victims and Prisoners Bill prioritizes public safety when considering the release of repeat offenders. Venables, aged 40, was returned to prison for possessing indecent images of children while on parole in both 2010 and 2017.

Venables is reportedly “terrified” due to the repeated postponements of his Parole Board hearing. Until the new Bill is passed, the hearing would be conducted under existing laws that take into account the rights of inmates.

Denise Fergus, James’ mother, aged 55, has met with Justice Secretary Alex Chalk to express her opposition to Venables ever being released.

A source stated, “The family is delighted by the diminishing prospects of Venables’ freedom. They are aware that his scheduled parole hearing has been postponed. If it is delayed again, the Victims and Prisoners Bill may pass through parliament, affecting his situation. Even if his next hearing occurs prior to the law’s enactment, it would be surprising if he is released given his history of unsuccessful attempts. He was denied parole in 2020, and he is likely anxious that he may never experience freedom again.”

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