Inside UK house of horrors where cruel couple kept 10 slaves locked away

A couple who were ringleaders of a human trafficking and modern slavery operation have been jailed for a total of 25 years.

But it’s the Bristol-based prison-like hell hole where they forced 10 innocent people to live which has sent shock waves around the world.

Maros Tancos and Joanna Gomulska, both 46, for people from Slovakia to work at the city centre car wash.

They enticed their victims with a promise of food, transport and a home, as well as a “better life” in the UK.

However, when the arrived, the situation was very different, The Mirror reports.

The couple would keep half of the wages the people made, while the other half went towards food and living costs. And they were forced to live in abject squalor while working for free.

Upon arrival they also had any ID and communications devices taken away, only giving them back when needed for National Insurance or bank account purposes.

The people were forced to stay in, what looks like a tiny converted attic with three double beds, no storage and graffiti on the walls.

They were forced to sleep on filthy mattresses and bedding, too.

Another room had some equally dirty bunk beds in, while the kitchen looks like something out of a horror movie.

One image from the National Crime Agency shows a mould, grease-laden old-school hob and oven, while the outside of the building wouldn’t look out of place in a zombie apocalypse film.

And after finishing a shift at the cheap-looking car wash, they were then sent out on evening jobs to catch chickens, pack milk or sort parcels.

NCA investigators found that Tancos and Gomulska failed to pay a minimum of £923,835 in wages, and they also transferred around £300,000 from their victims’ accounts earned while working at other jobs.

The couple spent the money on living costs, gambling online or in casinos, and on second hand cars.

Victims said that Tancos would be violent towards them, with some describing being threatened or hit.

Tancos was given 16 years in prison, while Gomulska received nine.

NCA Branch Commander Colin Williams said: “Our investigation has put these two cruel abusers behind bars for a long time. Tancos and Gomulska’s vulnerable victims were kept as prisoners and treated with utter contempt, despite promises of a better life in the UK.

“Victim testimonies showed the mental and physical scars they still carry from their treatment by the couple.

“Tackling human trafficking and modern slavery is a high priority for the NCA, and we hope this result will bring some closure to the victims.”