‘Iberian Plume’ set to bake the UK with heatwave temperatures this week

Sun-seekers will be delighted to learn that an ‘Iberian Plume’ is en route, poised to bring scorching temperatures of up to 29C to the UK. The heat is set to intensify from Thursday onwards, although it would be wise to keep umbrellas handy as the Met Office predicts thundery showers over the weekend. For those who struggled to sleep in the heat last year, the forthcoming humid nights will not be welcome news.

Certain regions of the country may struggle to dip below 15 or 16C in the days ahead. This weekend is expected to witness the highest temperature of the year so far, potentially resulting in a heatwave in some parts of the UK. The criteria for defining a heatwave varies across the country, but in certain areas, it is classified as reaching highs of 25C to 28C over a period of three days.

Simon Partridge, a forecaster for the Met Office, stated, ‘The temperature will rise, but there may also be increased cloud cover accompanied by heavy, thundery showers. Although there will still be plenty of sunshine, the nights will be considerably more humid.’ Mr Partridge mentioned that the Iberian Plume will be triggered by Storm Oscar, presently situated in the Canary Islands, which will propel the high pressure system further eastwards, resulting in a rise in temperatures to around 25C or 26C.

The south-west of England and south-west Wales are expected to experience the highest temperatures. From Friday onwards, south-west England will encounter humid air along with a risk of some thundery showers.

On Friday, central and southern England are likely to witness temperatures peaking at 26 or 27C. However, Saturday is projected to be the warmest day, with temperatures expected to reach 27C or 28C, and certain parts of north London potentially hitting 29C.

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