Jeremy Clarkson loses 10 acres of crops as his farming empire crumbles

Jeremy Clarkson revealed he lost 10 acres of crops on his farm as he stopped using specific insecticides.

The 61-year-old has tried his hand in farming and has it all filmed on the Amazon Prime Video series, Clarkson’s Farm.

However, he learned that the chemicals he uses for his oilseed rape are harmful to bees and had to stop using them.

He said to Times Radio’s Giles Coren: “If you spray neonicotinoids on oilseed rape, which you have to do to stop flea beetles eating it, that hurts the bees.

He went on to say that people go on to purchase palm oil, which ends up having a negative effect on “orangutans in Sumatra”.

“So then people say you must not hurt the orangutans, so then you can’t have any form of oil,” he said.

“So it’s always a balance, it’s always a struggle, everything you ever do. There is nothing organic on my farm – nothing.”

His agriculture struggles come after his farm neighbours accused him of being fame-hungry and exploiting planning laws.

Locals who live near the former Top Gear host’s Diddly Squat Farm have made 10 complaints to the council.

The TV star has applied to alter the external doors on the farm shop, situated in the Cotswold village of Chadlington.

His farm shop has been swamped with visitors after the huge popularity of his Amazon TV show.

The locals are upset over the proposal to change the shop and even insisted they have to be refused after visitors caused chaos on the roads.