Horror for TV host Alison Hammond as she is rushed to hospital

ALISON Hammond was rushed to hospital this week with a suspected blood clot in her leg after a nasty tumble in her garden.

The This Morning star spotted a bulging vein on the back of her leg after she skidded on some slippy paving slabs.

The presenter revealed her ordeal on the ITV show today as they aired footage from her fall captured on her home CCTV.

Alison, 46, told co-host Dermot O’Learytoday: “It was actually quite a bad fall you know. I can’t get up there because I think I’ve broken my leg.

“It was absolutely awful. Can you see, Mark has patched me up today.

“So yeah it was a trauma. Not only that then this vein came on the back of my knee. I was like oh my God I’ve got a DVT.

“I went to the doctor and the doctor was like ‘you really need to go to hospital.

“So then I’m in hospital for seven hours… They patched me up. Did some tests, it wasn’t DVT.

“No DVT, it was just a vein and I’m getting old.”

She added: “It’s the second time I’ve fallen on those tiles.