Horror for spectators as bungee jumper dies mid-air

A young man has passed away mid-air while bungee jumping over a ravine in Chile. The 23-year-old participated in the thrill-seeking event over the Cajón del Maipo canyon near Santiago but encountered health issues during the descent.

Tragedy struck when he reportedly suffered a heart attack just moments after leaping off the platform. The unnamed victim died mid-air, and firefighters from San José de Maipo cut down his body from the bungee cord.

The young adventurer, hailing from the city of Talca, was visiting the attraction with his mother and sister – outlets claim they witnessed the disaster unfold.

Public prosecutor Juan Cheuquiante arrived at the scene to gather information. It remains unclear whether the man had an underlying health problem before taking part in the jump, and an investigation into his death has been launched.

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