HORRIFIC: Earlsfield accident: Five kids in hospital after car crashes into primary school railings leaving boy ‘covered in blood’

Emergency crews rushed to the scene at Beatrix Potter primary school in Earlsfield, South West London, following the school-run horror.

London Ambulance Service confirmed they treated eleven people in total – seven of which were kids – following the bloody car crash.

Five children have been taken to hospital, along with four adults.

Children were trapped under the vehicle and had to be dragged out by brave passersby, according to reports. 

Locals also said that there was a boy “covered in blood” at the scene, as panicked teachers and parents ran to help.

Kids were “begging” for ambulances to arrive, according to an eyewitness.

It is understood the incident is not terror-related and the driver stopped at the scene.

No arrest have been made and two children travelling in the car at the time were not injured.

A parent who was picking up her child at the time of the accident and did not want to be named said: “It was horrific. 

“We were at the gate when it happened and my son had to jump out of the way of the car. 

“There was a child trapped underneath. 

“All the teachers ran out to help. The teachers were amazing. 

“Everyone was crying and in shock.

“The woman in the car was conscious.”

Her son said: “I heard a big crash and I had to dodge out of the way of the car. 

“It was really shocking.”

Local Najeeb Shah, 36, said: “I heard some screaming so I came out to see what had happened. 

“I saw a woman in the car and two or three children lying on the floor. 

“One of the children was covered in blood. I think it was a little boy. 

“He was behind the vehicle. 

“The woman in the car looked okay. She looked like she didn’t know what had happened. She was calm. The woman was definitely conscious and was not panicking.

“Everyone was shocked and overwhelmed. There was a child covered in blood, it was very upsetting. 

“There was a girl in the middle of the road just crying. 

“It’s quite a quiet area near the school, stuff like this doesn’t happen here.

“The shocking thing was all the blood, especially with children. The kids were begging for the ambulance to come.”

Another resident told The Sun: “A child was under the vehicle and a Thames Water crew, who were nearby, came out with pipes to lift up the car. 

“The railing had been pushed back and there were kids trapped underneath it. 

“A mum ran out and spent fifteen minutes dragging the kids from underneath it. 

“The driver had two kids in the car with her at the time. 

“A huge amount of ambulances came. 

“The people who were on the scene first were the local people. Everyone ran out to help.”

Wandsworth Police tweeted: “We’re dealing with a collision near a school in open view.

“A car mounted the pavement and collided with a number of children and two parents. 

“Injuries not life-threatening; one child may have a broken leg. The driver of the car stopped at the scene. No arrests.”