Heartbreak for viewers as TV star dies in horror plane crash

Discovery Channel’s Flying Wild Alaska star Jim Tweto was killed after a small aeroplane crashed shortly after it took off on Friday morning. The 68-year-old aviation expert was a regular fixture in the programme that told the story of his family-run aviation business.

Ahead of the weekend, it was reported by Alaska State Troopers that Tweto was spotted piloting a small aeroplane into the sky but it failed to ascend before it came crashing down.

Confirming news of his death, Tweto’s daughter Ariel posted a tragic statement to her Instagram. It read: ‘I didn’t think anything could hurt this badly.

‘And I don’t know why I’m writing this but the news is out so I thought you should hear it from me. ‘And I’d take any other kind of pain if he could just land today.

‘My dad, a wonderful hunting guide and a friend of our family, passed away this afternoon in his 180. ‘He died doing what he truly loved and is now with Uncle Ron up there soaring. ‘Please send love to both of them and my mum, sisters, his wife, and family [sic].’

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