Former top British politician announces devastating personal news

Former London mayor Ken Livingstone is facing Alzheimer’s disease, as confirmed by his family.

The one-time leading figure of the Labour left is presently “receiving excellent care from his family and friends” as he enjoys a “private life” in retirement, according to a statement they issued.

The statement reads: “In response to media inquiries, the Livingstone family today announces that Ken Livingstone, former MP for Brent and former mayor of London, has been diagnosed with and is living with Alzheimer’s disease.

“Although he was previously a prominent public figure, Ken is now retired and leads a private life. He will no longer be available for any media interviews or requests, and we will not be responding to any media questions or inquiries.

“Ken is being well looked after by his family and friends, and we kindly request your understanding and respect for his privacy and that of his family.”

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