Former BBC presenter Steph McGovern rushed to hospital

Steph McGovern was reportedly rushed to hospital after she injured her hand.

The traumatic moment also saw the Steph’s Packed Lunch presenter forced to enlist the help of the fire service to cut off her wedding ring after her hand swelled up to three times its size.

The 39 year old suffered a horrible accident when she slammed her finger in a door frame.

It turned purple and her ring was left stuck on the swollen finger.

The star, who has a one year old daughter, also reportedly tried soap and water to relax her finger, but it was no use.

Steph also tried ice and a ribbon to get her ring off, but ended up needing it cut off at the fire station.

The star took to Twitter on Friday to open up about the terrifying ordeal, and shared a number of pictures of her and her finger.

The BBC journalist showed she still hadn’t lost her sense of humour, posing in front of a fire engine with the firefighters.

“Eventful morning…..started with trip to @FireHarrogate to get a ring cut off swollen finger I’d trapped in door……” the star captioned her post.

“Thanks so much to Matt @TurnerTurner11, Lisa @Arcticwolf31, Dave + James for sorting it out!

“Straight after had to take my daughter for first ever day at nursery.”