Footballer for top English club caught drink driving in wife’s Range Rover

Leicester City footballer Hamza Choudhury has been fined £20,000 for driving under the influence in his wife’s car. Police footage of the 26-year-old being pulled over in Nottingham in the early hours of Friday, January 19, was presented to Nottingham Magistrates Court. On arrest and transportation to the police station, Choudhury’s breath-test readings were found to be twice over the legal limit.

Choudhury, has a prior drink-driving conviction from 2017, which meant he faced a mandatory ban of at least three years, according to prosecutor Ben Payne. Though he initially shared a taxi home from a restaurant with a friend, he later decided to return in his wife’s car after realising he had left his phone behind, explained defence lawyer Kally Sohata.

Choudhury pleaded guilty to driving while double the legal alcohol limit and careless driving. A charge of failing to co-operate with a roadside breath test was withdrawn.

District Judge Sunil Khanna acknowledged Choudhury’s embarrassment, stating, ‘I do accept that this will impact you and that you are extremely embarrassed by what has occurred.’

The footballer received a 40-month driving ban and was ordered to pay a £2,000 victim surcharge and £85 in prosecution costs. He was informed that his 40-month ban would be reduced by approximately nine months upon completion of a drink-driving rehabilitation course.

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