Face-planting mum says her bum has got her hundreds of messages from blokes

A mum who mooned a school sports day has seen her famous bum go viral – with hundreds of blokes around the world queuing up to message her. 

Katie Hannaford, 36, has become an unlikely hit after a clip of her unfortunate mishap was shared across social media this week.

The business owner was running in a parents’ race at her eight-year-old’s school when she unfortunately tripped – and flashed her underwear.

The hilarious incident was caught on camera and has since been viewed thousands of times – and Katie says she’s “loving every minute” of her newfound fame.

She says she has even been recognised in her local Tesco, and has received thousands of positive messages – with some sent from as far away as Australia.

And she says up to 500 messages have come from men labelling her a ‘MILF’ – while others have asked how she is single.

Katie, who runs a home decor business called Home of Hearts, said: “It’s gone crazy, I didn’t expect this in the slightest.

“I can’t put into words how I feel but I’ve been loving every minute – I’ve not stopped laughing since.

“I thought something was on my face the way people stared at me when I was in Tesco yesterday – I had to give myself a reality check and remember why!”

Katie says the reactions have been mostly positive, with people hailing her an “amazing mum” for being such a good sport.

She said: “The best comment I have seen is one that said: ‘Don’t be a Karen, be a Katie’. I can’t take credit, but it’s my favourite!

“Someone else said: ‘You can take the girl out of Basildon…’. And it’s just so true.

“I’ve had thousands of messages – at least 500 of them have been from men from Greece to Puerto Rico to Germany and even Australia, saying ‘how are you single?’ and calling me a ‘MILF’.