Eurovision winner breaks silence after passing drugs test over snorting allegations

The lead singer of Eurovision winning band Måneskin has spoken out after passing a voluntary drugs test.

It’s been a turbulent few days for the Italian rockers after stealing the show at the annual song contest before becoming embroiled in a bizarre drugs scandal.

The group’s charismatic singer Damiano David agreed to take a test after speculation grew that he had snorted drugs during the live show on Saturday night.

David immediately spoke out to deny the rumours and vowed to prove his innocence after a video emerged of him leaning over a table in the green room.

This evening, Eurovision bosses confirmed that David had taken the test as agreed and had passed.

Shortly after the announcement, David took to his social media page to speak out and focused on the positives after stealing headlines for the wrong reasons.

Amid the controversy, David remained upbeat as he revealed that his band’s winning song, Zitti E Buoni, has broken streaming records since Saturday’s final.

“Zitti E Buoni is number 9 on Spotify global chart. It’s the Italian most-streamed song ever, something this never happened,” he penned.

“As we told you, rock ‘n’ roll never dies,” added the frontman in a nod to his winning speech at the ceremony.