Divorced’ mum 39, who jumped to her death with daughter, 5, was ‘weaning herself off meds after split from husband’

Oksana Patchin, 39, and her daughter Olivia dropped 12 stories on Sunday and were pronounced dead at St. Luke’s Hospital.

Patchin was prescribed three drugs after parting ways with her husband in the summer and had been breaking the pills into smaller pieces to try to stop taking them, her mother “Anna” told the newspaper. 

“She was taking less and less,” Anna said, adding that she thought her daughter would be off the pills by February or March.

Anna did not know what drugs her daughter was ingesting, but said that one of them was a sleep aid that she took after becoming depressed over the split with her husband. 

A friend of Patchin said she was taking Klonopin and Trazpsychiatrist for panic attacks and anxiety spells but that the drugs made her more depressed and even suicidal. 

Patchin began regretting taking the drugs, according to the friend, as she became addicted. 

Surveillance cameras recorded Patchin walking around the roof of 540 W. 53rd St. in New York City’s Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood. 

Around 1:40pm, Patchin climbed over a safety gate and picked up her daughter and leaped, police sources told the Post. 

Cops who went to Patchin’s apartment in Brooklyn’s Prospect Heights neighborhood on Sunday found bottles of medication. 

It was not immediately known whether Patchin’s decision to reduce the dosages was part of her doctor’s orders.