Dad stabbed 10 times in throat by knife-wielding attacker as he picked up kids from school

A FRENCH army doctor was stabbed 10 times in the throat as he picked up his young children from school, it was reported.

The unnamed 40-year-old medic was attacked in Marseille in the early evening as he was returning to his car and a suspect has now been charged with attempted murder.

He had just picked up his kids, aged 3 and 7, when the 23-year-old suspect, who police have identified as Mohamed L, attacked him, Le Figaro reports.

Officers said the man told first responders he was acting “in the name of God” but have ruled out terrorism as a motive after searching his home.

The attacker was reportedly sitting on a nearby bench when he launched his attack and was then disarmed by four passers-by.

He was later found to have Swiss army knife in his possession.

After Tuesday evening’s attack, the victim was taken to hospital where he is in intensive care.

France’s interior minister Gerald Darmanin thanked the passers-by who had disarmed

“A man was violently attacked with a knife in Marseille in front of a school at the end of the afternoon,” he said.

“The perpetrator was arrested. Thank you to passers-by and the police for their quick reaction.”
According to reports, the victim is a radiologist who works at the Laveran hospital.

A police source reportedly said the suspect’s parents had indicated their son was suffering from a psychiatric problems in the run up to the attack.

He had been disappeared from the family home for 48 hours before he allegedly stabbed the doctor.