Brit girl, 2, dies on holiday in heartbreaking tragedy

A two-year-old British girl has tragically passed away from a ruptured appendix after medical professionals reportedly failed to recognize her symptoms prior to a flight back to the UK.

Isla Sutcliffe, hailing from Jersey, had suddenly fallen ill during the final days of a family holiday in Turkey with her parents Laura Carolan, Ryan Sutcliffe, and her sister Karis.

A hotel doctor had attended to her, swiftly diagnosing her condition as tonsillitis, despite the apparent source of Isla’s pain being in her abdomen rather than her throat.

Over the next 24 hours, Isla’s health deteriorated, and on the day they were scheduled to return home, her parents sought medical attention at a hospital. At the hospital, they encountered the same doctor who had initially examined her at the hotel.

Allegedly, the doctor reiterated his earlier diagnosis, prescribed Nurofen, and assured the couple that Isla was fit to travel back to the UK that night.

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